Process Server Prices from $60 to $130


Indianapolis process service pricing

Our objective at Hoosier Process Service LLC is to quote you a price that covers your job assignment from end to end.  Our Indianapolis process service pricing is highly competitive.  That includes process service in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.  When we give you a quote for process service, our intention is to provide you with a quote that covers every task your job entails.  We want to provide you with a flat rate specific to all of your Indianapolis area process service needs.  Contact the preferred Indianapolis process service company today at 317-829-0420!

Marion County, Indiana

We are actually located in Marion County, Indiana.  When it comes to our pricing, our location offers us the unique ability to price our jobs at a rate you are going to really enjoy.  Our Marion County Indiana process servers are able to make more attempts for less money.  You will not only be a fan of the low cost options we have, if you are anything like the folks who have used us before, you will call us time and time again for process server services in Marion County, and throughout the Indianapolis metropolitan area.

Process Service Guarantee


Indianapolis process servers that guarantee...

At Hoosier Process Service LLC, we offer a 100% guarantee you will get a price that covers your job from end to end.  No hidden fees.  We want you to know how much the job is when you pay, and it will be a flat rate.  We have found that our clients enjoy knowing how much a service costs for the entire job.  Leading the way in flat rate pricing is how we have been doing business from day one.  

Process Server Services Payment


We accept check or card for process service

The method of payment that we accept for process service in Indianapolis and surrounding areas is dependent on several variables.  We accept up front payment on a credit or debit card from all out of state clients who hire us for a job specific to process service in the Indianapolis metropolitan area.  Clients with an established business in the Indianapolis area have the option to be billed once a month for process service jobs in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

Process Server Services Billing


Billing for Indianapolis area process service

Our clients have options, and billing is an option for Hoosiers.  Hoosier Process Service LLC will serve your Indianapolis metropolitan area service of process jobs and bill you at the end of the month.  Call the Indianapolis process service company that you can trust to get your job done fast!