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Thank you for taking the time to find out about what we do!  The first priority here at Hoosier Process Service, LLC is to state our mission clearly.  More about our mission can be found on our mission page.  The information page is updated periodically.  We will add things to the information page covering every aspect of our services.  The purpose of this page is to give the site visitor an overview about how our Indianapolis process servers are fast, diligent, and reliable.

Just like our home page says, we strive to be the fastest, most diligent, and most reliable process service company you could ever need.  That means getting the job done on or before the due date.  It means being accessible to you through all lines of communication.  Finally, it means making each job count.  Every job we do is important, and every job we do gets done with the same level of professionalism you deserve.

We intend to be the only legal process service company in Indianapolis, Indiana you need.  If your needs are small, that is perfectly alright.  If your needs are large, we can make it happen.  All of your court documents in need of being served by a private process server are welcome in our inbox.  Please take a look around our site.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Actori incumbit onus probatio. On the plantiff rests the proving.

Step One- Call a Process Server


We're just a phone call away...

The first thing we ask is that you give us a call (317) 829-0420.  From the time we pick up the phone our goal is to be assertive in determining your needs.  You will be connected with an operator who is well versed on the procedures we implement in the field.  It is important that the time you spend with us on the phone yields the information you need in a timely manner.  Through a quick assessment, we can tell you exactly what your service of process job will cost.  We are located in Indianapolis and serve the entire state of Indiana. 

After you have completed your phone call to us, we will need your documents.  The two options for sending court documents are email, or parcel service.  If you are sending your documents by email, we will send you a payment portal.  If you are sending your documents by parcel service, please include a check made payable to Hoosier Process Service, LLC.  As soon as we recieve your payment, one of our highly trained private process servers will get to work on your job.  We enjoy hearing from you, and we are completely accessible for status updates.

 When you send your documents, please include any special instructions pertaining to your service of process job.  Every job we do is different.  Every time a process server goes out into the field to fulfill a client's directives, we are working with your specific needs in mind.  If your summons is required to be personally served, please let us know in your email or parcel.  Any information you have will be used to successfully serve process upon the respective individual or corporation.  There is no such thing as providing too much information.  Everyone is encouraged to share all of the details they have.

 Sit back and let us do the field work.  Call any time to check the status of your job.  You are going to receive updates as the job progresses.  We find that people, just like you, who hire us to get their documents served upon individuals and corporations are elated with our update system.  We use cutting edge software that tracks the process server's GPS position.  The client has the benefit of requesting GPS stamped photos of their service of process job at no additional charge.  Notary service is complimentary with any job upon request.  All of the benefits are included in the price you receive during your call. 

We serve process upon corporations in the Indianapolis area.

Process Server Technology


Staying Current as a Process Server

 When we go to work on your job, a process server is doing everything humanly possible to ensure your job gets done with precision.  The way we go about being precise is by using the latest tools to verify every document is served upon the intended recipient.  Keeping up with new process server technologies is how jobs get done more efficiently.  There are so many choices out there, and we stay informed on technology which makes jobs more affordable without sacrificing premium service.

The key to accuracy in our business is having the right software.  With advances made in recent years, the process server can send emails to the client, right from the field.  The benefit of  the job being stamped with GPS coordinates comes standard with every service of process job.  In additions to knowing exactly where the summons is served, a photo can be taken of the place in which the summons was served upon request.  There is no limit to the the new and exciting technology we stay up at night thinking about.

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